Peer-Reviewed Publications

*Winner of Best Paper by Young Researcher Award, ESPAnet - Israel.

- Video abstract available here.

Under Review

  • The Pitkinian Public: Representation in the Eyes of the Citizens. with Liron Lavi, Naama Rivlin-Angert, Tamir Sheafer, Israel Waismel-Manor, Shaul Shenhav, Liran Harsgor, and Michal Shamir. SSRN version is available here.

  • Democracy on the Ballot: Representation and Support for Democracy. with Liron Lavi, Naama Rivlin-Angert, Israel Waismel-Manor, and Michal Shamir.

Working Papers

  • How Does Personal Experience with COVID-19 Shape Attitudes Towards Government Coercion? Evidence from Israel.

  • Changing the Lens: The Different Policy Implications Drawn Based on AMCEs and Marginal Means in Conjoint Analysis.

  • Cultural Differences in Public Support for Government Paternalism. Evidence from Israel and the United States.

  • The Welfarist Effect of a Global Pandemic: Rethinking Socio-Economic Preferences. with Gal Bitton.

  • Personality Traits and Support for State Intervention: Evidence from Five Countries. with Alon Yakter and Lior Sheffer.